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Talkin' Bout Love

Well here we go. It's the morning of a show night and I'm taking my time getting started today. I'm still in my robe, my hair is a wild mess, and I've got my favorite entheogenic and some coffee at hand. My first blog post was lost when the server reset, but it was shaping up to be more of an art history piece, anyway. We'll talk more about that later. Now I got something to say to you people out there...

Let's talk about love. Let's talk about love rock. Andy Wood may have not been the first person to put those two words together, but he effortlessly emblazoned those words across the world. And in so doing, I think he awakened anyone who will listen to their higher calling. I'm starting to think that the real answer to that old question, "why are we here," is simply "to spread love and to be loved." The difference in expression depends on the individual. The acceptance and ability to be loved depends on the soul.

I can only speak for myself, and I have this whole laptop to myself, so I'm gonna. I believe there's an order to the universe, something larger than ourselves. I believe in individual karma, even if it's self-actualized karma (is there any difference other than origin?). Truth is beautiful because it is both replete and symmetrical. The truth can only be lived; a lie never can. I believe that love is the strongest force that can matter to anything with a soul. Above all, I believe love flourishes.

Love isn't a deity and it doesn't demand anything. But it gives all. The loving dedication to each other, the drive to uncover, discover, and integrate the reality of ourselves and each other - that's the driving force of us all. And that's beauty. Because it's truth. Love is the truth.

Love rock is about beauty. Love rock is about imperfection and sheer exuberance. Love rock is at once dreamy, funky, rocking, and grooving. Andy wasn't a musical genius. But he was an absolute master of love. Each song is a vehicle for pure emotion, childlike innocence with a fox's cunning.

I've been thrilled to find that MLB fans are some of the deepest and most sincere folks, and everyone has stories I get to hear, either about Andy or about their relationship with the music itself. Unerringly, the common thread behind every story is love. This music is about love, and love flourishes. I'll see you all, and love you all, tonight.

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