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The Jazziest of Bones

We played the Jazzbones in Tacoma on March 18. The night before was the Point Casino in Kingston. The Jazzbones was an electric performance from the beginning. Sound issues onstage miraculously didn't seem to reach the audience, and, in the words of the great Michael Delos, "I think we fooled them into thinking we're decent musicians." Dan, Kevin, John and Michael lit the stage up and filled the room with love and music. Afterwards, in what seems to be a truly fitting emerging tradition, folks swiped our setlists to take home. This time I had made extras so we still had some for our own album! ;)

But my favorite part of the show, and it's not even a close race, was the people in attendance. I don't know how many it was, but it felt like a million and it felt like home. Our friend Daryl Williams of Outshined and Jar of Flies fame (as well as other projects) came to visit and brought with him a wave of positive energy and love.

One lady had suffered a terrible loss two years before, and lost part of her soul in the process. That night was the first night she'd been out since it happened, and she was ready to be alive again. What an amazing awe-inspiring honor to have been a part of that beautiful lady's revival. Her eyes were like beacons slowly coming back to life - you could just see it. Amazing strength.

One person had quit their own dream of music when Andy died, and shared their "I remember when I heard the news" story with me. I don't know if he'll decide to pick up a guitar again, but he sure had a great time reliving his young and dreamy days with us.

The music speaks to your soul and it speaks honestly. Love flourishes!

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