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Oh man, here we go!

I wanna show you something like the joy inside my heart...

I didn't put that phrase together myself, but I couldn't have said it any better if I tried. This is Jacques, and every now and then I wanna talk to ya people. I asked Dan to kindly set me up with this platform so I can! This little project has been on wings since its inception in January.

Every single night, it seems, no matter where we play, I meet people who have been personally influenced or touched by Andrew Wood. So many real, true, and deep fans of MLB. The music is so alive and full of magic that it practically sings itself. And every night, a sea of loving faces sing it back to us until the whole building is shaking with frenetic energy: "HOLY ROLLER!"

This fervor, this magic, this raw passion, is off the back of one album. Love rock and love in the purest sense of the word. The music combines rock, funk, jazz, blues, and orchestral dynamics with complete innocent abandon.

Jeff Ament had a funky bass line he'd been playing with and it became "Capricorn Sister,"

"Bone China" begins as a lone, plaintive plinking, contemplative and atmospheric, before building to a lush and intense fever dream.

Andy was on top of the world, feeling like ten feet of Axl Rose and Freddie Mercury combined. Untouchable and jubilant. "Stardog Champion."

The creativity and passion, coupled with the total lack of boundaries and limits, is what has made Apple so timeless. That album could have been released at virtually any point since it was written and it would have been a huge hit, a game changer, for its unbridled joy, love, and empathy.

And I can't begin to tell you how enormous it feels to be able to be a part of it now. I speak for all six of us (Steve McKeever, legendary singer for Washed in Black, Stargazer's partner act, is not an onstage member of Stargazer, but he is every bit as involved as we all are) when I say that we are so humbled and grateful to be trusted with sharing this music with you.

This weekend we actually don't have any shows booked... Can't imagine what kind of trouble we'll get up to!

Let's put up a happy little photo. This is from the River City Rockfest in Spokane. One of the most electric crowds I've seen! Just out of frame is Michael Daly, who is imitable on lead guitar. A true virtuoso in the correct and accurate sense of the word. Seriously. Alright, love you guys! :)

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