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2017-02-04 High Dive
2017-02-25 WIB Billy Blues - SOLD OUT
2017-02-17 3rd Wheel - Unplugged
2017-02-18 River City RF - Pin
2017-03-04 Main Street
2017-03-11 BOTNW Tulalip - SOLD OUT

A Mother Love Bone Tribute


Before Pearl Jam, there was Mother Love Bone. Future Pearl Jam members Stone Gossard (guitar) and Jeff Ament (bass) were founders of this Seattle-based glam/punk outfit, which was fronted by flamboyant singer Andrew Wood. But despite countless accolades from the press and their peers, the group's career was cut short before it could truly blossom due to tragedy.

In Tribute to this amazing band that was far too short lived, the members of Washed In Black have joined forces with front man Jacques LeJeune to share this incredible music again. As with WIB we are first and foremost fans of a band and the music we love. Just five guys getting together to pay homage to some of the greats of an era of rock that changed the face of music the world over.

Andrew Wood called it Love Rock. Peace.



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Check Out Washed In Black - The Definitive Pearl Jam Tribute


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